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Building up your pension

Maybe you already have your pension pot, and you want to make sure that those pension savings work hard until they’re needed and don’t get worn down by excessive charges.

We can help by reviewing your existing pension plans, looking at the effect of charges and checking on the success or failure of the existing pension investment funds.  Taking account of your own risk profile, we give independent pensions advice, to help you to get the best out of your money for retirement.

Visit our sister site or Contact us to discuss your needs.

Or perhaps you haven’t started your pension savings yet.  There are a lot of decisions to be made.  How much to save?  What income will you need when you retire?  How do you decide on a pension plan?  As independent financial advisors we can help you with financial advice that will help you towards a prosperous retirement.

Pensions can be a daunting topic, but our pension planning site has lots of information to help you.  Or just contact us for further information

Getting income from your pension

It used to be so easy.  Stop work - buy an annuity, for guaranteed income throughout your life.  But pension annuities have their disadvantages.  If you die, your capital may be lost – nothing for your heirs to inherit.  And the income level may not be flexible.  That suits some, but not others whose financial affairs may not be so straightforward.

At retirement you are likely to have the most money you have ever had or ever will have, and you have to make it last a lifetime.

As independent advisors, we will discuss your needs with you.  We’ll discuss:

A combination of plans may be appropriate, mixing for example traditional lifetime annuities with phased release of tax free cash, and pension fund withdrawal.  And don’t forget that your other assets may have a valuable role to play.  Pensions should not be seen in isolation from your other finances.

Different combinations of plans suit different individuals.  Browse our retirement income site for further information, or contact us so that we can help you.